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Since the release of the Global Innovation Index (GII) last year, the world economy has encountered a number of challenges that have led to further downgrades of global economic growth projections. In the context of such uncertainty, countries will seek ways to move the global economy out of its current holding pattern, thus avoiding a prolonged low-growth scenario. Innovation will be a critical ingredient to achieving this objective.
Datum: 18.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
Cisco Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior explains how the process of innovation has changed over the past few centuries, from the era of the sole inventor, through the rise of corporate labs, to the modern period of open innovation. Warrior also notes the important challenge of working across domains to maximize innovation potential.
Datum: 17.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
Are you a crowdsourcing enthusiast? If so, you probably find it hard to keep up with the latest news because the crowd is literally contributing to positive change all over the world. For this reason is launching a new blog to give you a rundown of recent stories and help you find the best platforms to contribute your own ideas.
Datum: 16.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
If you work in an organization that wants to establish a sustainable culture of innovation -- you have two basic choices: outside/in or inside/out. Outside/in is the most common approach. It assumes that re-engineering systems or processes is the way to go. You know the drill: do a little Six Sigma, cost cutting, continuous improvement, hire a few consultants to give pep talks and you're off to the races. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you, but it's often just a slick way of repositioning the deck chairs on your own Titanic. It looks good. It sounds good. You feel like...
Datum: 15.08.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
Running a small business is not easy, especially when the small business is just starting out. Any misstep, even well-intentioned, can cause a serious setback. But have no fear! There’s a whole untapped squad of people out there ready to work for you for free! Here are three ways crowdsourcing is good for small businesses.
Datum: 15.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
Who discovered penicillin? Most people know the story of Alexander Fleming’s accidental discovery in his lab. But here’s the tougher question: who turned penicillin into a life-saving antibiotic? The answer to that is: a team led by Howard Florey. The fact that many more people know about Fleming than Florey is a big problem. Fleming’s feat took knowledge, skill, and preparedness. But Florey’s took all of that, a big team, plus five years of incredibly focused hard work. The biochemist Ernst Chain was a key team member (and shared the Nobel Prize with Florey and...
Datum: 15.08.2016 | Blog: Innovation Leadership Network
Corporate managers and entrepreneurs alike are accustomed to making tough decisions and seeking out the best possible solutions to everyday problems. It comes with the territory, but it’s not inherently easy. In order to reach a leadership position or own a company you probably have a knack for decision-making, but when the future of a business depends on the outcome, it’s important to reduce cognitive biases and calculate carefully.
Datum: 11.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
Here's a fun test for you: If you can read the rest of this paragraph without logging onto Facebook, tweeting, or thinking about crop circles, there's a good chance you do not have ADD, ADHD, or any other recently-identified medical condition. That's the good news. The not-so-good news? The overwhelming number of disorders, dysfunctions, and syndromes popping up daily make it almost impossible to understand exactly what condition you actually have. As a concerned citizen, humanitarian, and Johnny Depp look-a-like, I've decided to go beyond my SAHS (Social Activist Hesitation Syndrome)...
Datum: 11.08.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
Jeff Seibert, senior director of product at Twitter, describes how several companies made offers to acquire the technology behind his first startup, a file-conversion engine. Faced with multiple offers, Seibert explains how culture fit and the chance to continue working on the product was more important in the decision-making process than how much money was offered.
Datum: 10.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
Recent experiences show that Agile project-management methods can be used in the innovation process and has a great potential to reduce development time and increase the success rate of new products. The article briefly outlines how an Agile method, such as Scrum, can be used within a structured innovation process with milestones and decision points, such as Stage-Gate®, and what benefits it provides to both manufacturers and service-providers.
Datum: 09.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
In view of creating more competitive regions and industry sectors, innovation capabilities of SMEs play a central role. SMEs are strong economic drivers in many countries, and their ability to innovate will determine the health of national and regional economies in the future. A key support for SMEs in their innovation efforts are public innovation support programmes.
Datum: 08.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
Idea Champions Ingenious Leadership My new poetry blog
Datum: 05.08.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
Mike Maples Jr., co-founder of venture capital firm Floodgate, explains how three laws of exponential growth favor tech entrepreneurs: Moore's law ensures products will possess unprecedented computing power; Metcalfe's law of network effects compounds the number of users; and the "power law" shows that top performers can achieve runaway success if they get everything right.
Datum: 04.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
Although innovation programs are becoming more and more embedded within the enterprise, it is still very common to find organizations that are just starting to experiment with formal, continuous innovation programs. Many IdeaScale clients that come to us are quietly launching pilot programs as proof-of-concept initiatives that will confirm innovation value for senior leadership.
Datum: 03.08.2016 | Blog: InnovationManagement
Stories are powerful. They open minds, shift behavior, inspire, and are remembered -- unlike that last powerpoint show you saw. Stories are the simplest, fastest way to communicate meaningful messages -- an especially important thing for people in business to remember where "mindshare" is at a premium. But you already know that. Intrigued? Click here for 13 video excerpts from my book, Storytelling at Work -- none longer than seven minutes. If you are intrigued by the presentation platform I am using (GlowDec), let me know. This cool online tool will officially launch on Labor Day....
Datum: 02.08.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
I am happy to announce the launch of my new blog: UNSPOKEN WORD: THE POETRY OF LIFE -- short blasts of inspiration, reflection, and gratitude accompanied by photographs, illustrations, and paintings of my Facebook friends and other unusual suspects. If you want to receive an email alert whenever there is a new post, simply subscribe (in the sidebar) and be sure to respond to the "verification" email that you will receive soon after. Enjoy!
Datum: 01.08.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
Why create a culture of storytelling? Storytelling videos, interviews and articles Sparking innovation via storytelling Idea Champions
Datum: 30.07.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
This is a wonderful movie about the Hero's Journey -- the one we are ALL on. Sets the context beautifully for the 5-day Hero's Journey Retreat I will be co-facilitating with Dr. Beverly Nelson at the LifePath Center in San Miguel de Allende on August 15-19. Feeling THE CALL?
Datum: 27.07.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
Recently, I gave a keynote presentation to 150 people in the health care industry. After being introduced, I decided, as I usually do, to leave the safe confines of the podium ("a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it"), dismount the stage, and "walk my talk" -- weaving my way in between the 20 round tables in the room, each with their own pitchers of water, tent cards, and little bowls of red and white mints. For a keynote speaker, however, dismounting the stage and walking into the audience is always a risk -- the same kind of risk a person...
Datum: 26.07.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
Deciphering the secret code of tacit knowledge Why storytelling matters in business STORYTELLING AT WORK: The Book Idea Champions
Datum: 25.07.2016 | Blog: The Heart of Innovation
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